design of brazed assemblies

The success of a braze assembly starts with the best design concept. Design approaches differ great between Vacuum Brazing and Salt Bath Brazing processes. Customer heat treating and end dimensional requirements will also dictate the design approach. Many times the customer drawing is only a top level assembly and it falls to the brazer to conduct the detail design process. It is always an exercise in balancing the joint design types and number of detail components with the required strength to exceed the end use stress environment while achieving the lowest manufacturing cost and meeting the end dimensional requirements.

Combining several different sheet metal details into a single CNC machined detail will at times result in lower net costs as prebraze assembly and fit up labor will be reduced.

The choice of when to design certain features to be installed after braze by post braze machining operations depends on many variables, but will be a key factor in achieving the end dimensional requirements or suffering customer rejections.

We can bring our considerable experience of design and manufacturing processes in the braze business to support you from initial project concepts to customer design reviews.