brazing - new facility start up

If you are considering installing a new brazing facility the earlier we are involved in the planning process the greater value we can provide.

The equipment selection and work room layout is a critical phase that will determine not only the total initial costs, but also operating efficiencies, process quality, and ongoing production costs for many years to come. Early consultation at this planning stage can easily be conducted via phone, email / file exchange, Web Conference, or SKYPE. The ROI achieved by using our consulting services at this point will be very large as this will be the foundation of the business.

The brazing work flow chart at left will give you a general concept of the operational flow of a brazed assembly. Click on the flowchart for a larger version. Not all assembly types require all operations, for example there may not be final machining on a specific brazed assembly. Others may have additional operations such as VSWR testing of waveguides, leak or pressure drop testing for heat exchangers and coldplates.

The salt bath room is a corrosive environment even with proper ventilation. The best practice is to isolate the bath, preheat, heat treat quench booth, and primary heated desalt tank to a separate area. The pre/post braze chemical clean line, final DI water desalting, Tack weld assembly, prebraze /prep/filler pasting/racking should be adjacent to but isolated from the bath area. It is best if the furnace control equipment is also placed in an area adjacent to but isolated from the bath.

The Vacuum Braze process does not have the same corrosive issues, however preventing contamination is key. Locating the furnace away from possible contamination sources, including moisture, will result in higher quality brazing and less equipment issues.

We have found with companies entering the aluminum brazing business with limited prior experience the best value and quickest path to experience is for us to provide dedicated onsite training and support at your facility for the initial 3 to 6 months of operation. We are available for worldwide travel to support your success.